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The Cabot Lodge Story

With over 25 years of hospitality industry experience, the founders of Cabot Lodge Jackson North, Earle Jones and Mike Sturdivant created the brand concept in the early 1980s for what now resonates with so many guests as one of the most refreshing hotel experiences in Ridgeland, MS. Founded in Mississippi by Mississippians, the ideas that define the hotel are centered on providing the pleasures of returning home while on the road.

A new community-driven concept was born dedicated to Southern comfort and shared conversation. Cabot Lodge Jackson North was designed and built with a focus on creating a value-oriented and inviting space that provided pleasant amenities in a nontraditional way. The lodge concept was and remains the central theme of our hotel in Ridgeland, with the warmth of our lobby fireplace, dedication of our service staff, and communal events expressions of this value.

To best serve the Jackson / Ridgeland community, Cabot Lodge Jackson North is now owned and operated by RLHC, a hospitality company committed to making high quality hotel experiences affordable and accessible to everyone.